Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kigo Drive Shoe Review

The Kigo Drive has recently become my new favorite casual shoe.  While minimalist running shoes have exploded, there are only a handful minimalist zero drop casual shoes on the market and Kigo has developed a truly great product to fill a large void in my shoe collection.

The Drive has everything that I look for in a minimalist shoe.  It is built completely level from the heel to toe.  This is often the biggest challenge I have in finding a casual shoe.  After running only in zero drop shoes, it feels awkward to put on any shoe with a large heel to toe drop.  The Drive features a 2 mm out-sole that provides great ground feel that is enhanced by removing the insole.  The out-sole also has more than adequate traction with their "fingerprint" tread.

With the out-sole only being 2 mm it is no surprise that the Drive is extremely flexible.

The Drive is also extremely light weight.  My size 10.5 Drive's weigh a measly 5.7oz without the insole.  The Kigo Drive features speed laces which quickly allow you to adust how snug or loose you prefer to wear them.  I generally like to wear them as loose as possible to increase the width of the shoe.

What really separates Kigo from many other shoe companies, is their dedication to create environmentally friendly foot wear that emphasizes using recycled material and low carbon output production.

While the Drive is a very good casual shoe, there are still a few elements that can be improved. The Kigo Drive toe box is wider than most traditional shoes but comes to a pretty abrupt point.  If Kigo rounded the toe box more the shoe would feel much wider. The out-sole is pretty flexble right around the arch area but directly under the forefoot the Drive is much less flexible.

The Kigo Drive has become my all around favorite casual shoe.  I have worn them in just about every setting except when dresser shoes are required.  They are extremely comfortable to wear without socks and even though I dislike wearing most shoes for any extended period of time, I do not mind having the Drives on my feet.  I have not yet run in these shoes since that isn't their intended purpose but I really haven't found any reason why they couldn't work as a minimal running shoe.  I have confidence that cinching the speed laces  down would secure the Drive enough to my foot to allow for any type of run.  That being said, I have enough shoes that are designed to be run in unless curiosity gets the better of me, I won't be taking these out for a run anytime soon.  As always if you want to purchase a pair the Kigo Drive.  I can't recommend enough getting them from the Natural Running Store.

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