Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Started

When I decided to start running, I did what most beginning runners do.  I picked out a short race few weeks away, found a training plan (Smart Coach on Runners World), bought new running clothes and high dollar running shoes.   Also not uncommon is that a couple months later I was injured and barely able to walk.

The first mistake I made was planning to run a race too soon.  Having a race planned is a great motivational tool but it often leads to rigidity in a training schedule.  Often when we runners have race coming up they feel that they have to stick to their schedule with no exceptions.  I was no different.  I pushed myself through every scheduled run without exception.  I hadn't learned to listen to my body and take days off when I was sore.  If I would have picked a race several months away instead of weeks, I probably would have listened to my body and taken a few more days off.

The second mistake I made was my choice of shoe and how I came to that choice.  With my obsessive personality, I didn't just go to a local running store an listen to some "salesmen" on which shoes to buy.  Instead I did research on pronation, this lead me to do the wet foot test.  I found my arch height and determined I needed a stability shoe.  I did research on some of the best stability shoes and decided on the Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ . How can you beat the sound of that shoe? "ZOOM"  "STRUCTURE" "TRIAX" (whatever the hell triax is). They even worked with my newly purchased Nike IPod + sensor kit to tell me how fast and far I was going, well sort of. Either way I was sold.  I dished out my money and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  As soon as they came and I put them on and they felt amazing, so soft, so comfortable.  I felt like I could run forever in those shoes and my feet and legs would never get sore.  As it turns out, that is the exact problem with those kinds of shoes (more on that in posts to come).  I took them out for a run immediately and things were great.  Unfortunately, it wouldn't last. I was able to get through my first couple of races but when I stepped up the race distance, I was forced to walk off the course in severe pain while once again, two of my sisters and girlfriend finished while I waited at the finish line.  To make matters even worse they received GLORIOUS MEDALS and all I received was more shame.  Eventually I would begin to figure things out but it would take me reading a very popular running book, several more injuries, a philosophy change on running shoes, and a transformation in my running form twice. I will go into greater detail in the days and weeks to follow.
Glorious Medal

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